"The Original Pickleball Pic"

 Simon and the Pic will  improve your game!

      Have to add this one, right up front! (May 11, 2017) Denise Donald - Ambassador, New Jersey - "I'm loving my Pic50Zip so much I decided to do a little commercial (video) for it and post it on Pickleball Forum on Facebook."


  I have decided to update the information on my website related to the Pics that I offer.  The reason is because a customer said to me, "Why don't you explain why the Pic has so much value to players?"  So, after crossing the 300 sold mark in two years, I'm going to state five reasons why the Pic has value.          (See the customer comments on the "About" page)

                    1. Time: The Pic can pick up balls at a rate of 20 balls per 10 seconds. 

                    2. Safety: I quote Dr. Steward McGill, world renowned back and spin expert: "The disc will take only so many binds before it is                                                damaged." Repetitive bending to pick up balls puts all backs at risk of injury. 

                    3. Individual Improvement: The Pic provides individual practice sessions. Whether you using a practice board, or a machine, you                                                                            don't need anyone else to work to improve any phase of your game, but, you need a tool like the Pic!

                    4. Quality: All Pics have quality construction that lasts a lifetime. (Bad for business, but good for the customer) Galvanized,                                                    #18 gauge steel clips, 1/4 thick PVC, heavy duty cloth, and rust resistant zippers are no accident! Quality matters!

                     5. Bottom Line - Practice matters: I don't care what level of play you are at, practice matters. If you want to improve, or                                                                          maintain a level of play, you need the Pic for valuable practice sessions.

        So, that it! I not only thank my past customers for their purchasing of  a Pic, but, most importantly, I thank them for their great comments about the value of a Pic and its impact on their overall game.  It is satisfying to receive such comments. 

         And, finally, if you're new to this website, you now know why 300+ players understand the value of a Pic35, Pic65. or a Pic40Zip. 


        I am constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of practice for pickleballers and that now includes the Pic40+Zip which, because of the zipper and the push out mesh sides , is great for transporting and storing the balls at the conclusion of the day's drilling. The Pic40+Zip will also have a logo - "The Ball Pick" on the front. (The reason? This bag design, with its mesh push outs on each side, is patent pending and the title, "The Ball Pick" will soon be a registered trademark.)  (Note: I have re-named the Pic50Zip, the Pic40+Zip. The reason is that the Pic will pick up 40+ balls, not necessarily 50, but, it will store 50 balls if you open the top and add balls in that manner.)

There seems to be a problem with how to contact me if you want to purchase a Pic.  Allow me to explain.  Put the following in an email to jdmajick@centurylink.net
            1. State the Pic(s) you want to purchase.
            2. Email your name and full address as to where to send the Pic(s).
And that's it! I like it this way because if there's a mistake in the address, most often, it will be at your end. The email helps me to track my sells. And finally, do not worry about payment. I will send out the Pic as soon as possible and the box will have an invoice inside with the final payment due. Any pre-order questions, call me at 330-720-4180, which is my cell and I have it "attached" to me 98% of the time!!!



Pic35 --------$44.00

Pic40+Zip - $59.00

Pic65 --------$52.00

(2) Pic35 --- $80.00

Ron is standing beside the Simon machine and the Pick65, which does, in fact pick up more than 65 balls. This is the best possible combination for great practice. (Same for the Tutor machine)
Judy is using the Pic35 to pick up the balls that have accumulated in the corner of the court.