"The Original Pickleballpic"

Pickleball Pic

It was the purpose of LEKS LLC to produce a product that could improve the efficiency of pickleball practice where hitting a lot of balls is the goal. It is a no brainer that players will not practice very long if they hit a lot of balls and need to bend over and pick them all up. The Pic takes care of the process quickly and with no strain on the back. By picking them up and depositing them into practice buckets or pickleball machines, the players can concentrate on developing shots needed during the actual game action.

Now, with the creation of the Simon, The Tutor and the Lobster machines, which can be continually reloaded, the Pic become a logical addition to your practice sessions.

The newest Pic we have is the Pic40Zip. This Pic came about because a customer wanted a method to end the day by having a Pic that could be zipped up, thrown in the back of the car, and stored for another day. Good idea, we made it come true with the Pic40Zip! 

Here are some of the reviews I've received relating to: a) the product, and/or. b) service. This list will continue to grow because these players are the best marketing tool that I have.

Barry Waddell - Ft. Myers, FL - Now I see how, with the Pic Square added, one can use the Pic as a hopper.

Rick Mankameyer, Palm Creek. AZ/Shawnee, KS- "...liked your Pic35 so much I want one for back home in Shawnee Kansas".

Lynn Trombly, The Villages, FL - " Please send another one"

Barry Waddell, Fort Myers, FL - on his invoice he wrote: "Please send another on" Great Product! (He's my only customer that paid BEFORE he received the Pic!)

Marian Pasela, Mesa, AZ -" I got the Pic65 today. It's so elegant! Can't wait to use it! Thanks Dave!"

Jeff Treiber, Titusville, FL - "Thanks for a great product!!"

Milt Oberman, Palm Desert, CA - "Aside from an excellent product, it's been great dealing with you!"

Carol Cooper, Sun City West, AZ -" My back looks forward to using the Pic!"

John Toale, The Villages, FL - "Looking forward to putting it to work!!"

Ted Biro, The Villages, FL - "You did a great job on the Pic65 it works well!"

Perry Stafford, Goveland, FL - "The Pic40Zip is working well and it's been a great boom for our players .....thanks!"

Bob Pegg - Vero Beach, FL- "I would like to order your terrific invention of a pickleball picker - Pic40Zip."...."Will need another Pic40Zip. Other players could not believe the efficiency of your invention!!".... "Outstanding service!",

Rich Laramee - The Villages, FL - "By the way, I do have a Simon already and the Pic 65 gets lots of attention when we use it."

Karen Goody - Reno, NV - "Looking forward to using your product!!" (Pic65)

Perry Stafford - Groveland, FL - ",,,The Pic works well! And its been a real boon to the players."

Gary Downs - Northridge, CA - Great product design. Looking forward to using it!

Ann O'Rouke - Alameda, CA - "I love my Pic!"

Dr. Sharon Eisen - Brookfield, CT - "I love the way you do business!"

Michael Wathen - Overland, KS - "You have a great idea and for older players in practice - this is great!

Gary Downs - Northridge, CA - "I love my Pic40Zip!"

David Ward - San Diego, CA - "What a great product. Many thanks for your courtesy"

Marcel Gery - Aurora, Ontario, Canada - "The two Pic40zip enabled us to inject balls continually from the Simon machine without stopping!!!" Added, "Great invention!!!"

Gary Mosser - Martinez, CA - "Works great! Great invention!"

Julie Goldberg - Maryland Height, MO - "I love the Pic!" Been using Mike's. Please send a Pic40Zip!

Howard Malovany - Shelburne, VT - "Looking forward to the Pic"

Laurie Lee - Cleveland, GA - "Can't wait!"

Denise Donald - New Jersey- "I liked the Pic so much a made a video for the Pickleball Forum"

Milt Oberman - Palm Desert, CA - Reorder - "Please send yet another two Pic65 for our pickleball club"

Joe Weatherby - Casa Grande, AZ - Reorder - "Please send another Pic40zip"

Dave Manza - Brendwood, CA - "Great product, thank you!"

Kirk Gunsallus - Newfield, NY - "Perfect timing that's when a bunch of balls are coming. Thanks for getting it out so quickly!"

Rick & Sandy Piland - Georgetown, TX - "Sandy and I appreciate your product and service, thanks!"

Tambi Zaun - Canadian Lakes, MI - we had a pro instruct some club members today and they used the Pic65. It worked great! Thanks for making our life easier...."

More to come......

Why us?

No one has the winning combination we offer - no one. Our mission statement?

" Make you a better player."

" Save my back "

"Save time"